GLI Recognized for Excellence

Jul. 2, 2007

Abbeville, Ala. -

As far as the Owens Corning plant in Houston is concerned, the service delivered by Greenbush Logistics, Inc. (GLI) stands alone.

That’s why the Abbeville, Ala.-based trucking company was recently named Carrier of the Year by Owens Corning’s Houston plant. GLI received the prestigious honor given for “superior service and on-time performance,” along with air and rail carriers, at a gala banquet.

“It was a very impressive event,” says Tim Sherman, GLI director of sales. “They brought us all in and entertained us. They had a great speaker. We got to see a lot of people from throughout the industry.”

Born out of service to parent company, Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc. (the largest distributor of pressure-treated pine in the nation), Greenbush Logistics cut its teeth in the time-and-service sensitive freight management industry.

“The experience in helping Great Southern’s customers thrive on Just-in-Time inventory management was invaluable in terms of what we’re doing today,” says Kevin Savoy, vice president of logistics. “It helped us cultivate the skills needed for managing a fleet of trucks across a large geographic region, and when the time was right for pursuing outside hauls, we were ready.”

Savoy went on to credit the award from Owens Corning to the hard work of GLI drivers and employees at each of the company’s seven locations.

“While the workers at the Texas terminal had the most direct impact on this accomplishment,” Savoy continued, “it was truly a team effort. Every employee at every location should be commended.” He also believes the recognition is a precursor of things to come.

“This is more than just a plaque to hang on the wall,” Savoy says. “This is a tangible goal. It’s something for us to strive for year-in and year-out and a prime example of why we remain committed to exceeding customer expectations.”

That’s a sentiment that Sherman shares.

“As a company, we’re never satisfied with ‘good enough’,” says Sherman. “This award means a great deal to us and we’ll always cherish it. But we’re not where we want to be yet. It’s a starting point, and we look forward to going out there and earning this recognition again in the future. We just have to remember that it’s not something that’s just given to you, you have to earn it.”

GLI, Sherman says, will continue to grow and continue to look for more and better ways to serve customers like Owens Corning.

“We are always looking to raise the bar and try to do a little bit better,” says Sherman.

It is a challenge the company relishes.