GLI Recognized For Owens Corning Carrier Excellence Two Years In A Row

Jun. 5, 2008

Abbeville, Ala. -

Greenbush Logistics, Inc. (GLI) has been named Carrier of the Year by Owens Corning’s Houston plant for the second year in a row.

This carrier excellence award places the Abbeville, Ala. –based trucking company among a select group of carriers and as a company with extraordinary commitment.

On Tuesday, April 29, 2008, GLI was recognized during the awards ceremony in Toledo, Ohio, at the Owens Corning World Headquarters. This gala event brought in trucking, air and rail carriers to recognize companies for “superior service and on-time performance,” as well as acknowledging the companies that contributed significantly to the business service initiatives of Owens Corning.

“Receiving this outstanding award two years in a row illustrates that GLI is a company that focuses on commitment to excellence every day,” says Robbie Sims, Director of Operations. “It is a privilege to have the company’s hard work and dedication to customer needs appreciated.”

At GLI, performance under pressure is second nature. The company began by providing logistics services to Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc., the largest provider of pressure-treated lumber products in the nation and an organization whose customer base expects Just-in-Time inventory practices.

Kevin Savoy, Vice President of Logistics, attributes GLI’s success to the full team of drivers, central dispatch staff and terminal staff as well as everyone in the Great Southern Wood family of companies.

“Everyone with GLI and Great Southern Wood works together for the company’s success,” says Savoy. ”With the hard work of GLI’s entire staff, especially the Texas terminal, we were able to receive this privileged award for two years in a row. But, in order to earn this award again, we’ll have to continue doing all we can to learn more about how to best serve our customer and then execute on what we learn,” he added.

“Owens Corning considers customer service their number one priority and they like to partner with other companies that share in the same values,” says Sims. “I believe that’s one of the key reasons we work so well together. We are committed to doing what we say we will do and we stay focused on the customer’s needs.”

With this multiple-year recognition, GLI is ready to take on the challenge of raising their level of service even higher. Every day, members of the GLI family come to work with one goal: exceed customer expectations. By providing timely deliveries and unparalleled service, they seek to strengthen relationships that will continue to grow in the years to come.

Greenbush Logistics, Inc. and Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc. are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Great Southern Wood Holdings, Inc.

Pictured above is (R to L) Robbie Sims, GLI Director of Operations; Anne Tuskan, Owens Corning Logistics Leader for Houston Facility; The Owens Corning Pink Panther; and Kevin Savoy, GLI V.P. of Logistics.